Billboard Magazine’s Goddesses of Pop Issue - December 2012 
- Nima Nakhshab

Billboard Magazine’s Goddesses of Pop Issue - December 2012 

- Nima Nakhshab

Britney Spears + Lady Gaga - Billboard Magazine 

Britney Spears + Lady Gaga - Billboard Magazine 


Are you a Britney Spears Fan? Then fuckin’ do this.

"I-I-I Wanna Go-O-O all the way-ay-ay to a Billboard Number One!”

We’ve supported the fan-favorite “Blackout” this week. 
But NOW let’s focus on the present; "I Wanna Go"!

"I Wanna Go" is sitting pretty at #13 on Billboard’s Hot 100! 

So here’s the plan:
Let’s have a buy "I Wanna Go" weekend!

When: August 4th - 8th
Where: Everywhere (With focus on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100)
Why: Keep "I Wanna Go" on top of the charts and give it a push into the Top 5 or even a Billboard #1!

But here is the important part of the plan:

Part One:
Here is a direct link to the official ”I Wanna Go” mediabase request thread posted by BabyOneMoreTime.:

The steps are easy - click the links, check ”I Wanna Go”, and submit! 

Part Two:
"I Wanna Go" - the single is sitting pretty at #8 on the U.S. iTunes chart (7/26/2011 5 p.m. ET).

On the dates of August 4th - 8th purchase "I Wanna Go" on the U.S. iTunes, Amazon, and other MP3 providers that count towards Billboard’s sales!

Buy it, gift it, give it!

Part Three:
This is the easiest part of the whole "I Wanna Go" extended weekend campaign!

Watch the video! 
"I Wanna Go"

Videos views DO count for 5% of Billboard’s chart increases/decreases… it’s the easiest way to give it more love!

Part Four:
Don’t forget to click that you are “attending” the "I Wanna Go" campaign on Facebook!

Here is the direct link:


See, it’s a simple three step process!
Step One: MediaBase and Requesting on radio stations to gain spins!
Step Two: Purchase the "I Wanna Go" single and music video!
Step Three: Watch the video and enjoy having BRITNEY SPEARS on your screen! 

And let’s get this song to NUMBER ONE on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100!

P.S.: Feel free to create any promo videos, graphics, icons, signatures, gifs, and other forms of media to support the campaign!

And remember it takes place:
August 4th - 8th, 2011